Giada Godsworn

Giada Godsworn
Social Rank 7
Fealty Crownsworn
House Godsworn
Gender Female
Age 28
Religion Mirrormask
Vocation Merchant
Height 5'8"
Hair Color Golden Brown
Eye Color Olive Green
Skintone Warm Caramel
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Leggy and lean, this woman bears the warm complection of southern climes. Warm caramel skin and golden brown hair play up the olive green of her almond eyes, and her features are pleasantly placed with a straightforward type of femininity. Molded cheekbones anchor her face, matched with a strong, graceful jaw and a delicately cleft chin. Her build is saved from rangy by virtue of a gentle curviness that softens her long lines.


More than a little bit of a spitfire, Giada's feisty, dry sense of humour guides almost everything she does. Irrepressible spirits tend her towards gallows humour and cheery if sarcastic encouragement. She's capable of being serious and frequently is as the situation demands, and she has a dogged determination towards her occupation. She's no delicate feminine flower, but a proud and spirited Lycene woman.


Born to a humble merchant family in Lenosia, Giada was raised quick to understand that money makes life possible in the city. She was a quick student, picking up tricks and tips with alacrity. She was, however, too independent to stay at home, contented to run a market stall. She started branching out into other business ventures, eventually finding her way towards marketing her services to various mercenary outfits that would pass through to resupply. Their stories awakened a wanderlust in her that had probably been there all along, and she travelled with one of the companies to Arx. There, she came across a recruitment drive for The Redwood Mercenary Company, and they needed a quartermaster. She didn't even hesitate. So now she's in Arx and gainfully employed, looking forward to the next challenge.