Furio Rossetti

Furio Rossetti
Social Rank 7
Fealty Velenosa
House Rossetti
Gender Male
Age 20
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Gardener
Height 6'4"
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Light Green
Skintone Tannish Skin
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Thick locks of glossy mahogany hair, always impeccably styled, crowns a chiseled masculine face, belaying the only bit of softness that rests upon his countenance. His muscular build is decorated in colorful tattoos that start at the top of his neck and down to his toes. On the front of his torso is a massive face of a grinning demonic creature with a feathery crown and on his back a ghastly skull to honor the Queen of Ending. The rest of the ink over his body carries a nautical theme.


A man of very few words but brave and quick to act. His actions always a burst of energy. As an introvert, he has to force himself into social situations but basic schooling in etiquette, allows him to get through most of these encounters. He prefers to be outside creating and cultivating a garden of roses; his green thumb said to be golden.


Rossetti was a name that carried influence in Tor. The leaders of the family all served the ruling house of Tor, Fidante, in some capacity or another as servants, but when a prominent leader of the Rossetti house was arrested for treason by Lucien, those that oppose the sentence split off from the spotlight and vanished into the darkness, intent on rescuing their elder. Furio was born among the sons and daughters of a generation that only knew two things; the shadows and vengeance. Independent of what the main branch of the Rossetti was doing, these cousins began to establish themselves as ruthless gangsters in the streets of Tor. Furio grew up on those streets alongside other kids, some siblings and cousins, who prowled the street like hungry and wild dogs.

Mostly kids, they were spared when collected by the city authorities. Furio himself was picked up by his uncle Vulpiano who had finally gotten his freedom and returned to work for the Fidante household and vassal DiFidante. Disciplined and trained, Furio studied under the tutelage of Vulpiano, diverting from his studies to become a gardener. With the connections of his uncle, he was able to attend a prestigious university in Tor and upon graduation, he was recruited to work on Fidante's rose garden until he met the Duchess of Tor, Calista Fidante, one evening, and earned her appreciation, taking him with her to Arx.