Everett Malere

Everett Malere
Social Rank 8
Fealty Valardin
House Malere
Gender Male
Age 35
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Commoner
Height tall
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Pale Blue
Skintone Tanned
Parents Gregoire Malere, Alice Malere
Siblings Breccan Malere
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Just one glance spared in Everett's direction may glean his hardiness and physical prowess. Taut muscles were built over decades of laborious farm work: carrying hay bales, tilling wheat fields, and hauling trade goods upon his broad shoulders. He's tall and bulky in stature, but gentle in his motions, as though fully aware of just how strong he is, and what kind of damage he can inflict upon his surroundings with minimal effort. Weathered skin has been marred by many years of sun exposure, though that reality does not detract much from classically handsome facial features. Irises of the darkest blue are softened by wrinkles which fan out from the outer corners of his lids, and crease all the deeper with a smile. His teeth are not set in perfect rows by any means, but still maintain a proper hue of off-white that compliments his good hygiene. Oftentimes he prefers to don a short layer of stubble, else a full beard with hints of auburn and gray hues interspersed.


Smiles once came easily to Everett's visage, but no longer. That isn't to say he is incapable of expressing happiness when the occasion warrants it, only that such feelings are a rare, precious commodity at all, especially in the wake of his life's greatest tragedy. When a smile does happen upon his weathered face, one might find it an infectious experience. When Everett speaks, it is with gentility and calm inflection, never rising to the occasion to show anger unless purposefully pushed to it. His presence is a salve to noisome situations; he radiates pleasant repose in a world of chaos. Conversation, though infrequent, is easy and comfortable. Sometimes all he needs is to be drawn out with the right topic, then he'll exchange stories and witticisms with all the familiarity of a good, close friend.

Everett has always been a hard worker, throwing himself deep into his daily tasks with little room spared for distraction. Now, he works himself to the brink of danger: forgetting to eat, struggling to sleep, failing to socialize with those around him who care for his well being. All that he does is done for the sake of his only son. That is what matters to him most.


Everett was born to a common family living a wealthy life upon a successful farm. The Maleres were well known for their incredibly fertile land, which yielded enough crops each harvest to sustain the Oathlands year-round. From his youth, Everett developed a sense of deep, unwavering responsibility for this farm. As the eldest of two sons, the land would inevitably be passed down to him; it was in his best interest to ensure its success for future generations.

At the age of twenty-five, Everett married his childhood friend, Adrienne, and thereafter welcomed the arrival of their first and only child, a boy named Tristan. They lived and worked together peacefully on the farm for nine years, and then everything changed. It was a lovely summer's day that Everett took Tristan to the borders of Acorn Hill, deep within the woods, for a fishing lesson along the banks of a rushing river. When the trip came to a close and it was time to return home, they discovered all roads leading to the town were blocked by debris and littered with the bodies of dead soldiers bearing the sigil of House Moore. Panicked and fearing the worst, Everett cut a way through the debris and discovered the whole barony had been utterly decimated by an invading clan of shavs, and all those present had been killed, including his father and his sweet, innocent wife.

With his home and livelihood in ruins, and a young son depending on him alone for survival, Everett had to settle and find work elsewhere. He enlisted with the Keaton Timberwolves, serving for over a year to defend Oakhaven and its forests from invasion by shav tribes and serving justice to those he believed destroyed his home and family. After a year of soldiering, and when it seemed at last all hope of returning home was lost forever, Everett learned that a surviving member of House Moore surfaced, pressed a claim for the barony, and led a successful expedition to reclaim and restore Acorn Hill to its former glory. Everett immediately reached out to his brother, Breccan, and together they committed to speak with the new Baroness of Acorn Hill about resettling on their former lands in the hopes of reviving their family legacy and starting anew.