Emilia Godsworn

Emilia Godsworn
Social Rank 7
Fealty Crownsworn
House Godsworn
Gender Female
Age 21
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Knight
Height 5'5"
Hair Color Golden Blonde
Eye Color Electric Blue
Skintone Alabaster
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Emilia's appearance can be one of paradox. She may, and often does, appear saintly honey-sweet and poised, like the vista of a dew-covered mountain at the dawn of a beautiful spring morning, and yet, sometimes, like the waning and the waxing of the moon, she may appear disciplined and commanding, like the frozen rays of twilight dancing over turbulent and violent storm clouds-- Because despite her beauty and mellow features, her tiny form exudes martial prowess and military bearing. Her eyes are almond-shaped and deep, brimming with goodness and heart, and there are many who, uninterrupted, stared into them for quite a while, lost in those deep blue pools. Her silky golden hair, almost luminous as if fashioned from sunlight itself, is long and made into a thick braid that reaches down to just above her knees. She carries herself with a humble grace that easily tempers the martial fire that lives inside her will.


Love and adoration, for all her righteous fellows that stand in her rank and file, and for all those that seek her for protection, is the crux of Emilia's personality; And exactly because of this, her righteous fury and hatred for the apostate and heretic is boundless. Emilia is fiercely religious and single-minded in her purpose to protect its teachings and shield the Compact from evil, no matter where it may be-- within or without. But few are those who have seen her so, and many know her as someone who is honest, straight-forward, generous and graceful. Every day she treats like a blessing from the Gods, and every Creature with life she loves equally. She abhors violence, even though she is a master of it, and very rarely will she ever resort to it-- she will sooner run, hide or even prefer to be the one injured than injure another, in hopes of avoiding further aggression. However, should the cohorts of evil, the unrighteous or dishonorable, stand before her, she will not hesitate or show mercy. She strives to be the pillar of stability in every community she ventures into, and selflessly gives to accommodate all within. She never shares her reasons for why she does any of it, and just as surely, she shields the secrets of others.


They say that at a very young age of 14, Emilia, bruised and dirty, wandered onto the fields of battle against an Abandoned wartribe, hoisting an old war banner. As she did so, a single ray of sunlight pierced the overcast sky, and illuminated the golden and blue banner, and the soldiers took this as an omen from Gloria, that their battle would go favorably; and indeed, so it did. Emilia's story, of course, did not begin here, but more importantly, neither did it end.

After the battle, Emilia approached a Knight of Solace, and asked him to escort her on a pilgrimage that will lead her all across of Arvum, and then to Arx. She warned the Knight of Solace that on this journey he will die. The Knight of Solace, nevertheless, agreed, even though he believed that the warning was true.

Almost two years later, Emilia arrived at Arx, alone, the grieving bearer of tragic news about the Knight's demise to the Grandmaster of the Knights of Solace. She did not speak much of her journey, except that she tried her hardest to take the Knight's place- but he would have none of it, and defended her from the Abandoned until his last breath.

Shortly after, refusing the hospitality or the company of the Knights of Solace, Emilia once more went to Pilgrim, insisting that she must go alone.

Years have passed, and only rumors, for those interested in her whereabouts, existed of her deeds. She had pilgrimed the lands, giving away much of her wealth that she earned during her travels-- she was often seen at the sites of battle, as if uncannily guided there, inspiring the righteous to fight on and to struggle, and when the battle was over, she was gone. Knowing only her appearance, but not identity, had inspired a small folktale by itself, and she came to be referred to simply as the 'Paragon of Gloria'. A few years later, she was at the Siege, in the mien of a renown Godsworn Templar Knight fearlessly charging under the banners of her own unit-- the Strifebearers-- and breaking into the ranks of the Silent Army.

Finally, heeding the summons, she relocated to Arx.