Emberly Crovane

Emberly Crovane
Social Rank 4
Fealty Redrain
House Crovane
Gender Female
Age 18
Religion Pantheon (Jayus)
Vocation Alchemist
Height 5'3"
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Skintone Lightly Tanned
Parents Emmeline Farshaw, Jacques Blanchard
Siblings Alban Farshaw
Uncles/Aunts Edgar Farshaw, Marceline Farshaw, Warwick Farshaw
Cousins Ryhalt Farshaw, Lisebet Ashford, Armand Farshaw, Elsbetta Farshaw, Thorley Farwatch, Ciaran Farshaw
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She has flowing firey hair that is well maintained. The red locks often are tied up in an updue to keep her hair from her eyes, but strands of wayward embers flit and flutter on the wind. She stands at an avarage height for Arx, about 5'7" Not overly tall or short, her jaw is sharp, and lead to high cheekbones. Her eyes are a startling icy blue that peer out into the world under dark voluminous lashes, a small nose sets just right on her face, bringing attention to her lush lips.

Her skin is lightly tanned and she has smaller curves to her body, her frame was more willow then curvy, and her breasts also small and rounded, the curve of them hugged under her clothing.


Emberly is confident and gentle, she is as gentle as a leaf, and embraces such things as music and social intrigue. She can be a great companion and knows all the rules of etiquette. Emberly is also assured in her skills as a sailor and gunsmith and has a smidgen of joy when she can help explosions happen.


Youngest daughter of Emmeline Farshaw and Jacques Blanchard, Emberly showed a passion for the sea at an early age, though she was called back to land before she became lost to it. She was off sailing ever chance she could between lessons in ediquette. Emberly loves music and the art of subtility, she was keen to study under Marquessa Sunniva Harthall and her husband Marquis Orvyn Harthall. Here she has learned more about her passion for alchemy and intrigue. She is close to her brother Alban and talks to him often, this shy youth is still coming into herself.