Elgana Redrain

Elgana Redrain
Social Rank 3
Fealty Redrain
House Redrain
Gender Female
Age 24
Religion Pantheon/Shamanism
Vocation Courtier
Height 5'9"
Hair Color Mahogany
Eye Color Brown
Skintone Fair
Parents Channon Redrain, Kalen Ashford
Siblings Agatha Redrain, Helena Redrain, Leif Redrain
Uncles/Aunts Wulf Redrain, Dagna Redrain, Baelor Redrain, Winston Redrain
Cousins Sherrod Redrain, Iona Bisland, Valerian Redrain, Torrud Redrain, Torix Redrain, Bjerarg Redrain, Torrus Redrain, Vigsi Redrain, Angus Redrain, Ann crovane, Eleni Valardin, Lir Redrain, Torvald Redrain
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Willowy height and long, lissome limbs are not the sole source of Elgana's easy grace; much of it comes in her controlled motion and her attention to fashion. Yet grace is hers to command in almost any situation. Loose, her hair falls to mid-back in a gleaming cascade of rich mahogany; up it piles in twists, swept back from her high cheekbones and cool, creamy skin. Her lips are full and soft, inclined to a natural, wistful pout that she can only ameliorate with deliberate smiles. Her eyes are dark and magnetic, easy to get lost in up until the point where she winks.


No two snowflakes are alike, and so no two conversations with Elgana will ever be exactly the same. She delights in being unexpected. Airy, breezy and flirtatious, Elgana is rarely direct when she can act the coquette. She loves to dance with her feet almost as much as she loves to dance with her words. She loves parties and can derive great joy from intimate social gatherings as much as from roaring schmoozes. She'd rather be a lover than a fighter and she'd rather avoid conflicts than start them; if she can derail one by making an oddball joke, starting a dance, or giving a bouquet of flowers, she will be all over that. But she has an uncanny knack for observing and understanding social situations; she isn't ever weird for no reason, but always, always to a purpose.


The younger daughter of a lesser line of a royal House has obligations, different obligations than those closer to the hot seat of the actual Prince(ss) of the Northlands, but obligations nonetheless. Elgana was trained to be a proper lady, but as a young girl found ways to approach at a gentle skew; not so far askew as her older sister, a human battering ram and spear warrior, nor so dedicated as some of her family who seemed to take to heart that it was duty and to the matter born.

Yet if you are supposed to learn to dance, why not learn to make your own choroegraphy? If you are supposed to learn needlework, why not stitch up a banner that looks like it is oozing blood from every corner? If you have to learn history, why not write parody filks of ancient ballads and leave them lying around in ambush for your instructors? If you need to learn to ride, why not insist on sleeping overnight in the stable with your pony and treating it like your best friend? If you are supposed to learn to fight ... well, there wasn't much she could do about that aside from demonstrate very little natural aptitude and a tendency to whine and make sad faces about the bruises.

As she blossomed into a lovely young woman, Elgana learned new ways of making her own way and having it her way. While her sister ramrodded through obstacles, Elgana danced and flirted and laughed her way around them: a much easier, friendlier, and better angled kind of life. Though she never entirely lost her ability to tilt issues at a slight skew from the ordinary, she learned to temper and sheath this inside the bounds of etiquette, and apply imagination to life as her personal arsenal, along with a careful hand at fashion and the ability to make her eyes really sparkle with eye makeup. She already owns Farhaven as adorably as possible and now it is time to apply that sparkle to the rest of the Compact!