Eilonwy Blackwood

Eilonwy Blackwood
Social Rank 4
Fealty Redrain
House Blackwood
Gender Female
Age 18
Religion Shamanism
Vocation Apothecary
Height 5'
Hair Color Chestnut Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Skintone Porcelin
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Petite, Eilonwy stands at five feet tall. Her brown hair hangs in curls to the middle of her back and frame a thin, fine boned face. A delicate nose balances full lips and large hazel eyes. She wears simple clothes, chemises and layered skirts with her lined, long cut vest to keep of the chill of northern weather.


Unburdened by the social structures of Arvum's domesticated populace, Eilonwy is spirited. She smiles readily and often. Hers is a chin kept up right and she often finds reason to laugh. Underneath all this however is a thread of violence. She might love the lighter side of life, but she will do what she must to survive.


Raised in a small tribe allied to the Blackwoods, Eilonwy grew up learning the ways of the wild. For the most part her family and the tribe survived the squabbles and land struggles between tribes. When Brand began his recruiting in the north her tribe and family were slaughtered down to a few men and woman. That was the first she ever held a blade. The Blackwoods took in the last of her people and ultimately they all bent knee together to the Crovane.