Dion Navegant

Dion Navegant
Social Rank 6
Fealty Thrax
House Navegant
Gender Male
Age 45
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Explorer
Height 5'11"
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Whiskey
Skintone Tanned
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Tall, rugged, handsome. Dion is a classic attractive older man with once dark hair having turned a soft shade of silver with age, and weathered skin that is tan from exposure. His eyes are the golden-brown color of expensive whiskey, and almost always dancing with mischief of one variety or another that is often echoed in the wide, expressive mouth.


Adventure has always, always, called to Dion. It sings in his blood and whispers in his ears, but that adventure is not always of the body, and while he's both active and has always been, he's also got the ability to be studious. He's quick with a laugh and a joke, always has a story ready to tell, some even true, and an ear ready for any story that anyone else might have to share. Often it's hard to marry the idea of his age with his personality, as he lives life with the vibrancy of a man half his age.


Born a Stonewood, Dion had adventure on the brain from a very early age. He was the oldest of his siblings, and should have had a better sense of responsibility but he was far more interested in what was over the next hill, hidden in those trees, or written in code in that book. So as soon as he was old enough he left home, and hasn't looked back since. Not because he didn't love his family, he did. But he wanted more than just staying at home, doing his duty.

It was during a trip through Arx on his way somewhere, from somewhere else, that he met Annika Navegant and swept her off her feet. Together they have roamed around the east, but alone he has ventured further across Arvum, delving into whatever he could find.

As age started to overtake him, he began to roam less and less, turning his attenion to collecting his own adventures in the pages of books, but also others. He'd read, write, and listen to the stories of those that can roam further than he can these days. Because of this, when his wife suggested they head to Arx he lept at the chance to return, and to take part in new adventures there.