House Crovane/Reflection
Head(s) of House Clara Crovane
Voice(s) Llyr Crovane, Mikani Crovane
Kingdom Northlands
Liege Redrain
Words "We Fear No Storm."
Sigil An enormous, stylized black tree underneath a storm cloud
Nickname Axe

Centuries ago, the noble Proudwoods of the Gray Forest were slaughtered to a man by Abandoned hordes. The leader of the barbarous coalition asserted himself and suppressed his fellows in the wake, pledging loyalty to the crown through force of arms; thus were the prodigal Crovanes, the Axemen, raised to nobility. In the years since, they have maintained a firm hold on power and scandalously close ties to the Abandoned, serving as a bulwark on the mountains and developing relations with their Thraxian neighbors. House Crovane is known most for its exotic black lumbers and mineral wealth, and the deeply traditional (some say wild) character of its people.