Cron Day Checklist

On Cron Day, check that you've done the following:

  • Spent your votes (vote)
  • Do any journal or relationship updates you may've forgotten to do. (journal/countweek)
  • Done your weekly training (train - this is people you are training, not training you've received.)
  • AP reduced so that your Weekly AP Gain listed in your inventory (inv) won't take you over your listed Maximum AP.
    • If you have any extra, work is a good way to reduce for resources.
    • You can also sell your AP to other PCs in City Center with the broker system. Make sure you read the helpfile for the notes about how selling AP works!

Before Saturday Night

  • Checked your investigation is active (@investigate if you are running the investigation, @helpinvestigate if you are not. If you need to activate your investigation, the command is @investigate/active ###, where ### is the ID of your investigation. Only a leader can activate the investigation.
  • Spend AP / Resources / Silver to lower investigation difficulty

Good luck, and enjoy the spoils of cron!