Cron Day Checklist

On Cron Day, check that you've done the following:

  • Spent your votes (vote)
  • Do any journal or relationship updates you may've forgotten to do. (journal/countweek)
  • Done your weekly training (train - this is people you are training, not training you've received.)
  • AP at 100 or less (inv), as you get +100 AP each week capped at 200.
    • If you have any extra, work is a good way to reduce for resources.

Before Saturday Night

  • Checked your investigation is active (@investigate if you are running the investigation, @helpinvestigate if you are not. If you need to activate your investigation, the command is @investigate/active ###, where ### is the ID of your investigation. Only a leader can activate the investigation.
  • Spend AP / Resources / Silver to lower investigation difficulty

Good luck, and enjoy the spoils of cron!