Col Steelhart

Col Steelhart
Social Rank 5
Fealty Valardin
House Steelhart
Gender Male
Age 23
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Noble
Height 6'3"
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey
Skintone Light Tan
Parents Frederik Steelhart
Siblings Sara Steelhart
Uncles/Aunts Gregor Steelhart, Roslyn Steelhart
Cousins Seth Steelhart
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Tall and rakish he is a strikingly handsome man with angular features. High cheekbones lead to a squared jaw with an almost narrow chin. Cleanshaven with only a dusting of a dark haired goatee frames expressive lips. A straight nose centers his face but his eyes are his most striking feature. Steel grey they have heavy lids giving him 'bedroom' eyes just beneath straight eyebrows that tilt up at the outside edge. A high forehead leads to a lustrous mane of loose black curls. There is a presence to him that is much larger than he is, assured, commanding, confident. He is a man who is extremely comfortable in his lightly tanned skin.


First and foremost Col is driven to succeed. It expresses itself in his natural charisma and his thirst for knowledge. He is a vociferous reader but for all his charm he prefers the quiet over the hustle and bustle of large social gatherings. That drive also makes him focus on one thing to the exclusion of all other related things. If he is learning a new skill, he learns it until he has mastered it. A new project will consume him until it is finished. A book will be read in a single sitting if possible. When he must be social he is charming and gregarious but will always prefer the company of a small group of friends.


Col was never as good as Lionel in his fathers' eyes. He was never treated poorly or unfairly, that wasn't Frederik's way but it was always there: Lionel was better. Lionel was the first born. Lionel was the warrior and knight. Lionel was the man who's honor could not be tarnished. He could do no wrong. While his older brother was learning to fight and be a knight Col was reading books and learning tactics for war, rather than individual battle. He knew he would never be as physically capable as his older brother but he was driven to prove himself useful to his father and the House. He tried to learn, he truly did, but all the hard work netted him very little. It was not his aptitude.

His aptitude was in planning. Plotting. Leading but not from the front. It was like Col and Lionel were the two sides of their father's 'coin'. Lionel got all the physical talents and ability while Col was the statesman, diplomat, and planner. When the two worked together they were unstoppable. Frederik finally noticed Col and they had begun to mend those fences when tragedy struck in the form of his cousin's attempted coup and rebellion.

Of all the people to fall it was Lionel and Col was left suddenly the heir of House Steelhart. There was nothing for it, Col was next in line. Frederik finally had to recognize Col's merits on their own standing. That is how it should have went. Instead Frederik buried Lionel and moved on. There is the knowledge that Col will one day inherit the County, but until then there's not a lot he can do to get out of his brother's shadow. At least not in Highhill.