Charlotte Wyrmguard

Charlotte Wyrmguard
Social Rank 5
Fealty Valardin
House Wyrmguard
Gender Female
Age 25
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Courtier
Height 5'5"
Hair Color Ink Black
Eye Color Honey Hazel
Skintone Fair
Parents Mallory Wyrmguard, Erik Wyrmguard
Siblings Reigna Keaton, Hannah Wyrmguard, Yessica Wyrmguard
Uncles/Aunts Tobias Wyrmguard, Celestine Wyrmguard, Maude Ashford, Larian Ashford
Cousins Barton Ashford, Benedict Ashford, Albern Ashford, Pharamond Ashford, Gannon Ashford, Gilda Ashford, Jonathan Ashford, Joye Mazetti, Julian saik, Ciara Wyrmguard
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Of average height, this young woman embodies the word 'pleasant'. She has a softness about her, both of curve and in the curls of her ink black hair. Her eyes are amber gold with hints of green and deep blue. Her beauty is not of the 'stunning' variety, more often labeled 'adorable', likely to her chagrin. She is animated, her features expressive, both of her temper and her joys.


Charlotte is a charmer, often used to getting her way. Unused to opposition, she can rapidly switch tactics when she does not get the results she wants. Friendly and open, hers are the still waters that run deep. More than one old friend has been mystified when they are suddenly cut from the fold, only to be taken in again after a bit, all forgiven. Not to say she is disloyal, Charlotte is a Wyrmguard and takes that very seriously. She is simply put... mysterious, from time to time.


Enough was never really enough for Charlotte. Growing up with six siblings in a backwater like Apsfel Falls was just dull. A cadet branch of the illustrious Wyrmguard family should have given her excitement and prestige, but their family was poor. So very poor, and all their wealth went to keeping their patch of land operational. The infrequent trips to Blancbier were the only bright spots of her youth. That and her twin sister Yessica. Together they would dream up the life that they would lead when they were older. Traveling from city to city, rubbing elbows with Princes and Princesses, catching the eye of a dashing Duke... it was going to be amazing.

Reality, however, was not as kind. When she was eighteen she was married to Tymer Sanna, now Tymer Wyrmguard. The man was a brute and practically a savage. He had a wandering eye, a coarse manner, he as everything Charlotte did not want. But she married him anyway. Because a Wyrmguard puts family first, and this was a duty to be borne with dignity. And the occasional screaming fits punctuated with flying vases. The marriage was a seven year war of silence. When word came that Tymer would be fighting in Stormwall, there was a part of her that rejoiced at the forced absence. When word came weeks later that Tymer died, there was a small part of Charlotte that felt actual relief at the news.

She grieved as was proper, and then promptly sent a letter to Yessica saying that she was going to move to Arx, to get to know the extended Wyrmguard family, and if that didn't work, they had a sister, Reigna, living there too. Charlotte has a chance to capture her childhood dreams, dreams she spent a life preparing herself for. Fancy parties, fancy people, fine wine and ballgowns. She has a wealth of political game (she thinks) that she is eager to put to the test. She is ready to take her life into her own hands. With Yessica at her side, the city of Arx should be put on notice! The Wyrmguard twins are going to take the city by storm! ...Is that too soon?