Charlaine Moore

Charlaine Moore
Social Rank 6
Fealty Valardin
House Moore
Gender Female
Age 21
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Scholar
Height 5'6"
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Skintone Fair
Parents Philippe Blanchard, Mathilde Blanchard
Uncles/Aunts Carole Blanchard, Louis Blanchard, Kistan Crovane, Kincade Blanchard, Essa Blanchard
Cousins Gawain Blanchard, Vanora Grimhall, Tessa Moore, Katryn Blanchard
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In a sea of beauties at Court, Charlaine's pleasantly ordinary countenance might escape notice at first glance. However, when this young woman speaks on one of her often hidden passions, she reveals a zest for life and vibrancy that loses her natural inclination to shy away from attention. With her normally timid demeanor, it's rare for the voluptuous, brown-haired young woman to command that sort of attention, but on the rare occasions her reserve is cracked she displays an attractiveness all her own.


Shy, kind-hearted and introverted Charlaine is far more interested in the idealized world of fantasy, epic tales and bard songs than the drab reality of politics. She'd think that would let her stay out of trouble, but it seems like the cold world won't really just leave her be to her beloved stories however much she'd want to avoid arguments. Though, because of that same passion for literature, Lady Charlaine Blanchard can reveal a sharply incisive mind and a deep well of passion on the rare subject that truly captivates her interest and drags her back to reality.


Life is not easy for a shy, whimsical and scholarly dreamer born to a ruthlessly ambitious nobleman and a strict and controlling mother. It is even worse when she was born to House Blanchard, the noble family famed for their mastery as horsemen when those animals seem to be scared of her, or she is scared of them, or both. That is what happened to Lady Charlaine Blanchard, and that is why she slowly drowned in the world of her imagination in her beloved books and bard songs, where everything seems to be brighter, more colorful and serene.

From her earliest memories, Charlaine's desires ran a distant second to the will of her parents. Her father focused single mindedly on the advancement of the family, and to that mind he either wanted a daughter that could distinguish herself at war or that could be a prize to mesmerize potential political matches at Court. Charlaine's scholarly bent and her lack of interest in drab reality in favor of exciting fiction set her immediately at odds to her relentlessly goal-orientated father and her carefully organized and pragmatic mother who hoped to turn their daughter into a stunning beauty to win a favorable marriage match. The more they pushed her to embrace politics and think of marriage matches or soldiering to vicariously achieve their own goals, the further she retreated into scholarly pursuits, songs and stories.

However, Mathilde Blanchard noticed her daughters passion for books and offered to Phillipe that they would invest into their daughter's intelligence so that it could earn her a potentially high position at court. That is how she was trusted as a ward to Phillipe's brother Alicio Blanchard. The man was a Scholar of Vellichor and viewed as the most suitable tutor by Phillipe.

Charlaine enjoyed her time in the large city, meeting many new people and, especially, having access to such large amounts of different books in the Archives. She grew quite close to her uncle Alicio Blanchard as well as with some other scholars and locals. Charlaine was more often found in the company of commoners than nobles since she admired the freedoms common folk could enjoy and nobles had no luxury for. At the same time she learned of the wonderful feeling which she gain when she take part in charity. The life seemed to be perfect.

Though, all nice stories come to an end. She counted her nineteenth summer when it was announced that Charlaine caught an unknown illness. She was sent back home. It was not a surprise since she loved gathering in large crowded places with commoners of low standing while doing charity. The young woman was gone from social life for two long years before Arvum heard about her once more as the new lady-in-waiting to Princess Alarissa Valardin.

Alicio Blanchard was asked to help find for Charlaine a lady to whom their daughter could serve. She was described as still a bit fragile after a hard illness followed by depression, but healthy. It was felt time away would be what she needed to fully recover and come back to social life. Alicio agreed to help their family and approached his fellow scholar Prince Aurelian Valardin with the request, Aurelian knew that Princess Alarissa Valardin was looking for a Lady-in-Waiting. After long discussions Charlaine was approved.