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Written by Eirene Malvici on 9 March 1006 AR

Sieges teach you a lot about yourself and those around you.

My family has risen to the occasion and all of them have proven themselves the capable persons I would hope they were. I wish their parents were here to see them and share in my pride. So proud Auntie Eirene will have to do.

It also is a reassurance to see so many people, commoners and royalty, working together to fuck over our enemies. The Compact was created to save all our asses and it's proving just why we -need- it.

Healing supplies pour in; we had anticipated a siege (or I had) and Joscelin has been instrumental in stockpiling for just such an occasion. I never expected Arx to be breached, however, so getting help from any and all corners is good. My lads and ladies, the Mercy's, Ben's physicians... we're all working round the sundial to help anyone and everyone who gets wounded. Doesn't matter where they serve, which Ward, what Gods or what profession.

Right now it's Human vs Not Human. And while the shavs are under Bringer control, they sadly fall under 'Not Human.'

Written by Peregrine Grayson on 9 March 1006 AR
Relationship Note on Calarian Grayson dictated to a priest of Vellichor...

I will tell you of Calarian. He is a talker. My husband has many words. Many many words. All the words in the world, I think. They hide in his eyes, they dance in his mind. He is the son of griffins but if he were pure and true and Gold Feather he would be River's, he would be Rain's, far-roaming and always always talking.

But I know how to make his words stop.

Written by Peregrine Grayson on 9 March 1006 AR dictated to a priest of Vellichor...

Yes, good. Write these words. I am come, Arx. I am Peregrine, daughter of Umairi and Owl, heir of the Gold Feathers, chosen of Bird. I have wed a griffin prince. I have brought my thousand. You lost the way but it is here again and it is good. It is as Calarian said, there is steel in this city. There is steel in these walls and these people.

For steel, I bring you fire. I bring you the skies.

Put that in your book.

Written by Lyiana Averdeen on 9 March 1006 AR

Today I saw bravery. Yesterday I saw death. I saw men die in front of me and I stood by whilst their blood dripped on my floor. Yesterday I saw people who were desperate try to rob me of my money. Today, I saw heros. I still have dreams of some good in the world. Indeed I do, but war is hard and men are desperate and all we can do is try to help them. Oh Gods, help them. I need to clean my floor in my shop, but I cannot go in there yet. I have my orders to stay inside, for which I will do gladly until such time as I am needed.

Written by Merek Black on 9 March 1006 AR
Relationship Note on Calypso Malvici

I met the Lady General at the Council, and it seems like she is a very intelligent woman, who knows tactics and strategies when it comes to war. I believe she will see us through a lot of what is coming in this siege.

Written by Michael Bisland on 9 March 1006 AR

It's been an eventful few days. Patrols are becoming ever-more eventful, with more and more trying to find their ways inside the city's walls. The smell of death and dying that permeates each step becomes thicker every day. It's enough to make my stomach churn

Written by Miles Lockton on 9 March 1006 AR
Relationship Note on Leona Thrax

I've been patching up the Lord Commander since she was a kid. She's the little niece I never thought I'd want. She's grown into a fine leader, I'll give you that and Dayne made the right choice with her. She's even actually sleeping, unless of course, the little brat, I mean, our illustrious leader happens to be lying to me. Which is quite possible if she's avoiding telling me of her lack of sleep so I don't nag her or tie her bandages extra tight the next time I patch her up. If Dayne could see her now? He would be mighty proud of her.

Written by Miles Lockton on 9 March 1006 AR
Relationship Note on Felicia Harrow

The lass is a powerhouse. But she doesn't get enough sleep! One day, that lack of sleep is gonna come bite her in the ass and she'll be running for me to take care of her. And will I do such a thing? Of course... I will. I'm gonna yell at her, hard but I'll patch her ass up and send her back out. Mostly because she's a good drinking companion, really.

Written by Joscelin Arterius on 9 March 1006 AR

The Lady General Calypso Malvici has put me in charge of city-wide repairs and structure reinforcements, as I have a small army of crafters, makers, merchants, and suppliers in my network of fellows.

I'll admit to being a little intimidated; it's a lot of responsibility when I already have that with my Guild, 'all the focus of a mother to your crafters and merchants', I was told. It was meant to be a snide remark but I think on it with great pride.

Anyway. I've spoken to a few people and I have no worries about rising to the task at hand, I just hope I don't let anyone down.

Written by Joscelin Arterius on 9 March 1006 AR
Relationship Note on Eleyna Velenosa

When I ask for aid, I never expect a response. I mean, I hope for one, but it's not expected; that would be rude and a setup for disappointment. I hope for the best but expect the worst, a lesson I've learned quickly as Guildmaster and one that's proven to be wise.

When I asked Princess Eleyna for extra supplies for the healers, I gave her a list of things: clean scraps of cloth, silk thread, lye soap, honey, lye soap with honey, medicinal herbs.

Not four hours pass and I receive several large crates of almond-honey lye soap. Such soap in its basic form can be found easily and a necessity for many, but with the honey mixed in it's a boon to a hospital trying to do its best to keep the humors of its patients clear and strong.

No few people may find her generosity surprising, but I've never known her to be anything else. My deepest gratitudes to her.

As a side note, if you have such things to donate please send me a message, every little bit helps. I will come by in person if need be. The thread must be silk, as it doesn't snag like wool or cotton does when sewn to flesh. Bandages can be made of many kinds of cloth, from linen to cotton to silk, and if it's not wide enough or as absorbent, I'm sure it can be used to hold dressings into place.

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