Bianca Wyrmguard

Bianca Wyrmguard
Social Rank 4
Fealty Crownsworn
House Wyrmguard
Gender Female
Age 28
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Scholar
Height 5'7"
Hair Color White
Eye Color Silver
Skintone Albino
Parents Daniel Wyrmguard, Lucretia Wyrmguard
Uncles/Aunts Denis Wyrmguard, Danton Wyrmguard, Stuart Wyrmguard
Cousins Isabeau Telmar, Desiree Wyrmguard, Dominique Wyrmguard, Damon Wyrmguard, Beaumont Valardin, Sophie Valardin, Caras Wyrmguard, Aurus Wyrmguard
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Ethereal would be an apt adjective to describe the young Wyrmguard scholar. Often mistaken as a potential twin to her cousin Damon, Bianca maintains a certain sort of irrefutable beauty not often found beyond ancient fairytales of Arx. Shock white hair, sylph-like stature and crystalline gaze all command attention when the woman enters a room.


There was something about her; an ageless wisdom lingering just beneath the surface of every gentle word she spoke coupled with stoic determination that seemed well beyond her years, but from time to time it would all crumble away and a girlish giggle or brilliant smile would rupture the calm waters of Bianca's demeanor. In familiar company she was good-humored and even a little silly, but for the most part the scholar of Wyrmguard maintained a placid warmth to her personality. Not easily shaken nor insulted, Bianca seemed to take the world in stride.


Daughter of Daniel Wyrmguard, the almost unknown youngest brother of Marquis Denis Wyrmguard, Bianca maintained much of the same peripheral status to the Wyrmguard family that her father once had. Unlike his brothers, Daniel was a man of knowledge and chose to spend his life in pursuit of it. Unfortunately, that quest was cut very short as Daniel did not live past the age of twenty-four, survived only by his toddler daughter as Bianca's mother had passed presumably during the child's birth. Thankfully for Bianca, her father was able to deliver his daughter to the Oathlands and from there left specific instructions for her education and general future prior to the end of his life soon after.

Upon reaching the age of twelve, Bianca would be sent to study with the Mercies of Lagoma and choose her own path of study be it as a priestess or following in the footsteps of her deceased father. After a few years, the blossoming beauty made her decision and proceeded to depart from the priesthood and instead follow the pursuit of knowledge. While she adored her theological and medicinal studies, there was just so much more to the world. So much more that she couldn't wait to see and experience. And so at the age of eighteen, Bianca was granted a single guard/escort by House Wyrmguard to begin her travels outside of the safety of Blancbier and extend her knowledge and understanding of the greater world. Intermittently Bianca would return home to Blancbier to visit throughout her youth.

It was at the behest of her cousin, Lord Damon Wyrmguard, that she come to join some of the family centralized in Arx and no great secret that her desire to explore the Great Archive was her primary reason for her arrival in the city. Within a matter of weeks Bianca had gained the permission of Dominus Fawkhul to pursue further investigation into the lost art of Exorcism and from there she joined the discipleship of Vellichor in a more official capacity, first as a simple Scholar and following a Prelate. It was with Fawkhul's great betrayal and the elevation of Dominus Aldwin that her career within the Faith continued forward. After much internal searching and seeking the guidance of many of the Godsworn, Bianca stepped down from her role as Voice of House Wyrmguard and took her oaths to join the priesthood. Within her annointing ceremony and to the surprise of many, Bianca was named Aldwin's successor as Arschscholar of the Scholars of Vellichor.

Since then, Bianca continues her work as an icon of the Faith and representative of the discipleship she leads.