Babette Grayson

Babette Grayson
Social Rank 3
Fealty Grayson
House Grayson
Gender Female
Age 20
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Noble
Height average height
Hair Color Red-gold
Eye Color Green
Skintone Fair
Parents Aberforth Grayson, Sabrina Redrain
Siblings Jerrica Grayson, Varan Grayson
Uncles/Aunts Matilda Grayson, Elysia Grayson, Cassandra Grayson, Tiberias Grayson
Cousins Nadia Nightgold, Lydia Nightgold, Cassius Pravus, Saira Grayson, Sasha Sanna, Liara Grayson, Macda Grayson, Keely Grayson, Elizabetha Grayson, Noah Velenosa
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Red-gold hair has been swept back away from her face in a simple ponytail, allowing her large green eyes to take everything in. Her skin is pale from a lack of sunlight, likely due to spending hours in doors. She is of average height with an athletic build and a nearly ever-present smile on her face.


Babette is always thinking and she's always talking and often the two overlap in ways that end up with her foot placed squarely in her mouth. She's very smart and her mind is constantly turning things over so she often doesn't think before she speaks and then when she realizes what's happening gets flustered, which causes even more words to come tumbling out when oh gods she should just really stop now sorry! But she always means well and has a huge heart. She loves mysteries of all kinds, reading, and making friends. She's sociable and cheerful and amiable and ambitious, so what's not to like?


By the time the second daughter and third child rolled around no one was really that impressed with children in general and definitely not with another girl. So Babette was mostly left to nannies and tutors and her own devices and she absolutely and totally thrived. Being the youngest meant that she had to be loud and somewhat pushy to get attention and she did that by just constantly talking. Non-stop. Her cheerful but endless chatter endeared her to even the hardest of hearts at home, although when she got to be too much she was shuffled off to the library. Babette would dive into the lore of the Crownlands, soaking up everything she could, learning the old ghost stories and tales of the surrounding forests and organizing ghost hunts with her older siblings that would both terrify and intrigue her. When her cousins came to visit she would cook up mysteries for them to solve and was often the scourge of Varan's existence as it was always him that was stealing the cookies from the cookie jar.

She learned of the Inquisition at a young age and was determined to join once she was old enough, throwing herself into her studies so that she could impress them once she got there. As Jerrica and Varan set out on their own paths, Babette decided to be a little more dramatic and, in the dark of night, hid herself and her bag in a passing carriage bound for the city. By the time she was discovered it was too late to turn around and her first stop with her bag in hand was the House of Questions as soon as she arrived in Arx.