Ardoin Valardin

Ardoin Valardin
Social Rank 3
Fealty Valardin
House Valardin
Gender Male
Age 22
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Knight
Height 6'1"
Hair Color Sandy Blond
Eye Color Sapphire Blue
Skintone Slightly Pale
Parents Elba Valardin, Rauls Valardin
Siblings Edwyn Valardin
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Long of limb with a wiry frame corded with muscle, he possesses the body of a warrior - and all that comes with it, such as the diagonal scar that runs from halfway down his fair-skinned forehead to where it cleaves his left eyebrow in two, marring his otherwise youthful good looks. Sapphire blue eyes observe the world around him with open curiosity, sitting squarely above his aquiline nose, thin lips, sharp cheekbones and a neatly trimmed beard on his pale face. Sandy blond hair is kept short and more often disheveled than not. Still, he carries himself with a proud stance as befits a knight of the Valardin family, broad shoulders back and face tilted up just so.


Ardoin is one of those annoyingly optimistic folks, even in the face of the odds stacked against him. Impeccably pious, his veneration of the Pantheon is only matched by his strongly held convictions of right and wrong, honor and fidelity. That, combined with his steadfast belief in chivalry, scholarly pursuits and very serious belief in the Valardin knight being the sword and shield for the commoner has led to some friction within the family - which he happily ignores, remaining as genial and approachable as ever. Still, the idea that the commoners should be granted more land and economic opportunities while being steadfastly supported by a stronger hand of the nobility has made him less than popular in the minor branch of the Valardin family to which he belongs.


Growing up in a provincial cadet branch of the Valardin family, Ardoin is the second son and initially was allowed to indulge in scholarly pursuits while soaking up stories of the family's honor and piety. After the Tragedy at Sanctum, though, his remote chance of succession to the high duchy got bumped up a few places and his father demanded Ardoin take up the blade. And he did - with enthusiasm, taking the vows of knighthood at sixteen. His life became an endless quest to protect the commoners and peasants from bandits and Abandoned raids, his idealism as much of a weapon as a blade. Over time, his voracious reading habits combined with his steadfast beliefs in honor and nobility, created the unpleasant idea that the nobility ought to not only protect and control the commoners with an iron fist, but also provide them with greater education, land, and economic opportunities - from the pockets of the peerage. Needless to say, this disconcerting belief caused concern within the family, whereupon his father sent him off to Arx to serve the Crown and the interests of House Valardin - and hopefully smarten up in the process.