Arcelia Navegant

Arcelia Navegant
Social Rank 6
Fealty Thrax
House Navegant
Gender Female
Age 26
Religion Disciple Of Jayus
Vocation Noble/dancer
Height average height
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Deep, Hypnotic Blue
Skintone Sun-kissed
Parents Aaron Saik, Giovanna Saik
Siblings Estaban Saik, Neilda Saik, Medeia Eswynd
Uncles/Aunts Francesco Argento, Alessandro Argento, Raphael Mercier, Sadoletto Saik, Sela Saik, Ludovigo Saik, Phillipa Saik, Theda Argento, Orazio Saik, Eleyna Velenosa, Giuseppe Argento, Leticia Argento, Marco Argento, Carina Saik
Cousins Kima Saik, Eos Saik, Salazar Argento, Hugo Argento, Orianna Argento, Lunara Argento, Valors Navegant, Estil Navegant, Regla Navegant, Faelan Navegant, Donato Velenosa, Marcos Saik, Adriana Velenosa, Luciana Velenosa, Carissa Malespero, Garret Navegant, Leonora Velenosa, Valentina Pravus, Cassimir Inverno
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A voluptuous body with soft curves creates the pleasant portrait of a youthful noble woman who wears her heart on her sleeves, a smile on her face, and carries an air of contentment all around her.

Arcelia is known for her alluring eyes, big and vibrant blue irises that draw attention to a hidden depth that is veiled behind her youth, giving her an air of mystery. When she speaks she is often animated, using her toned arms and small hands to gesture in assistance to aid the flow of meaningful conversation.

Beautiful and melodic laughter escapes the beautiful woman frequently, the sound filling rooms with the sincerity of her personality.

Her lips are luscious and pink, a row of clean white teeth revealed behind a nearly ever present smile that reaches up to soft, rosy cheeks. Her long dark brown hair is a curtain of silk strands that curls up near the ends, gently springing around her shoulders and back as she moves with the ethereal grace of the naturally talented and passionate dancer she is.

The clothing that adorns her body tend to come in deep colors that are accented with earth tones. Long flowing sleeves cascade down her arms while cotton or silk wraps around her body and drops to the ground in waves. She favors simple embroidery or bead work over extravagance but the rich colors and detail give her a simplistic but lovely fashion sense without overpowering her natural beauty.


Arcelia is a young and very compassionate woman who speaks up when needed. She can be quiet and attentive at times but when she sets her mind to a task it is difficult to pull her back in. She is sweet, sometimes playing the coy noble, sometimes the wise young girl, and other times falling to the naivete of her youth. But she is almost always sincere, not being a fan of deception and manipulation except during times when there is no other option.

She wears her heart on her sleeve and is unafraid to tell others how she feels and what she thinks. Arcelia is full of passion and drive, often pursuing what she wants without pause. She is a playful woman with the young heart of a woman who just wants to have fun and watch other people having fun with her. She enjoys climbing trees, throwing mud, and catching people off guard by how creative and fun-loving she can be.


Arcelia was born in the Saikland Greens to Giovanna and Aaron Saik where she was raised until she was twelve years old, spending a couple months a year down in Southport. During her early childhood it was discovered that she had a talent for performance, specifically dancing.

The lady was a fun loving type of woman and being raised as a noble around many warriors she developed a love for being beautiful and for adventure. She loved playing in the mud, throwing it at anyone she wanted to get to play with her. Likewise, she enjoyed climbing trees and jumping out of them at her friends. And eventually she learned to enjoy sailing as well.

She loved playing with the other Malvici and Saik children when she was able, tagging along with the older kids and terrorizing some of them with mud when she was able. She was attentive and loved to learn but she could never sit still, swaying and dancing while she listened to lectures. Though, this did not stunt the woman's ability to pick up the skills she needed and in fact made it easier for her to learn.

Arcelia had a strong relationship with her two siblings growing up. Estaban developed a very protective side for Arcelia, his beloved outlook on her always keeping danger away. Even from lovers in her teen years. She was close to her sister as well, the two of them being close enough in age to have played with one another in their youth.

When she was twelve years old she moved to Nilanza where she was fostered by the Argento. Salazar Argento seeing that she got a good education so that she could be a future diplomat. She had some rare but very valuable encounters with Venta Darkwater(Venta Argento), seeing the woman for some of her educational needs whenever the woman was there and available to tutor the young girl.

She learned how to sail with the Argento as well, Salazar being one who ensured she was able to nourish her adventurous side. Estaban Saik and two women assisted in teaching Arcelia when they were in the area as well. The two women teaching Arcelia how to be a stronger woman as she faced dangerous storms and lecherous sailors.

During Arcelia's time in Nilanza she met many people and created many bonds. She became known there for being overly curious and difficult to keep a watch on, the girl sneaking out to spend time away where she could explore and learn about the world. Though by the time she was sent home Arcelia was a bit more tame, time having taken its course in helping her grow up a bit... but only a bit.

When Arcelia was sixteen years old she returned to the Saikland Greens and her family. It was felt that her education there was complete and that the best way for her to continue her growth was to go out and test her skills directly. She was told to be patient and seek out a good mentor for future training, someone who would help give her real experience as a diplomat. Over the years she has never attempted to approach anyone, so far as it is known, about this.

When Arcelia was back home again she spent a lot of time missing Nilanza and the friends she had made there. As a result, she went through a small period of depression, adapting again within a few months and finding the joys once experienced as a young girl.

Arcelia refused any conversation of marriage for years, only coming to terms with the idea in recent months. Though, the idea of falling in love was one she openly said she did not want to do, going as far as to beat a boy who spoke to her in poetry until he agreed not to pursue her heart anymore. She had no desire to marry and would do so only for her family and love was a scary thing that caused her friends and family pain, she vowed that she would not fall in love until she was married. It was the silly hope of a naive young girl who did not understand that the heart has no master.

While she was in the Saiklands, Arcelia did a lot of volunteer work. She helped secure resources and jobs for people in need. Food, water, and medicine being brought to people directly by the young noble. She even helped people find jobs and shelter and watched over children when their parents were ill, finding them new homes when parents passed away.

Recently, Baroness Kima called for Arcelia to join her in Arx, the woman having some plans for the girls future. There are whispers that the young Arcelia is here to search for a husband as well as aid her family in diplomatic matters.