Appolonia Seraceni

Appolonia Seraceni
Social Rank 5
Fealty Velenosa
House Seraceni
Gender Female
Age 29
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Scholar
Height 5'3"
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey
Skintone Olive
Parents Isabella Pravus, Armando Seraceni
Uncles/Aunts Paolo Seraceni, Celia Pravus, Vincenzo Seraceni
Cousins Dario Seraceni, Prisila Seraceni
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Lithe of build, this woman is stunning if not traditionally beautiful. Favoring her Pravus roots in appearance, she is a creature of darkness; ebon hair and olive skin. Even her eyes, slate blue and therefore light by comparison, seem to hold something serve to accentuate the darkness of her features rather than lighten them. She carries herself with the posture and grace of true nobility and, though small, often makes her presence all the more eye-catching with jewels upon her person.


The foundational trait of Appolonias personality is curiosity. Perhaps it is the Pravus side of her, but the appeal of the unseen has always drawn her in a way she never could quite find words for. This has led her down the path of scholarship, always pushing the boundaries of what she could (and possibly should) know.

This curiosity extends to people as well. She is fascinated by the mind. Why do people do what they do? Are good (or bad) people born or made?

Still, she is old enough and wise enough not to misuse or abuse that which she knows. Indeed, she long ago discovered that the best way to learn something was to have something to offer in return. She is more than happy to share a few kernels of information in her own quest to gain more. In her desire to understand the world around her, theres few questions she wont ask, though she is clever enough to know when to ask them.

To an outsider, Appolonia is a woman of confidence and grace, a good conversationalist, and rarely is she raunchy or otherwise undignified.


Appolonia is the daughter of Isabella Pravus, a minor noble of the Pravus house, and Admando Seraceni, a seasoned corsair slain at the hands of the Argento after he took an arrow at the opening of the war and suffered an infection.

From a young age, Appolonia struggled with the phrase when youre older. What happens when were older? Why is some information restricted and limited? What dangers does such information possess? How can we prepare for these dangers if we dont know any better?

Almost as if to prove her instructors what for, she dove into her studies. But she quickly bored with learning common things, things that everyone already knew. She wanted access to those restricted books, to understand the world behind the veil, to be privy to that which few were privy to. It was the only way to truly be safe.

Her mother encouraged this line of study, and facilitated her daughters education in the occult. While this raised some eyebrows, particularly among the more godly of the household, the Pravus charm was able to smooth over most of the ruffled feathers.

Most, but not all. As it became apparent that Appolonia was going to make the study of the occult her lifes work, it created a rift between the young Lady and her new Marquis, Dario. He was far too conservative and faithful to truly trust such studies. And while the familial connection with Appolonia is strong, that was one aspect he was never fully able to conquer, which would allow him to place his full trust in her.

This does not mean that occult was Appolonias only hobby. She delighted studying other cultures, and wanted to travel the globe. Among those that fascinated her most were the Eurusi. She learned the language and collects artifacts and fashions from those faraway lands.

She is often feared within her house and whispers abound of her fascinations with the unnatural elements of the world. Appolonia is a creature born with a thirst for the truth and she hungers to learn, grow and to one day step foot in foreign lands to reap of the untapped knowledge and potential they offer.