Amelia Eventide

Amelia Eventide
Social Rank 7
Fealty Crownsworn
House Eventide
Gender Female
Age 23
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Enigma
Height 5'3"
Hair Color Pitch Black
Eye Color Vibrant Amber
Skintone Honey Olive
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As though conjured out of myth and legend, the Commander of the Eventide Collective exhibits a captivating aura of heroism and leadership, whether intentional or otherwise. Flawless honeyed olive skin appears to glow beneath the cultivating sun, her intrinsic majesty magnified with every long stride, sway of hips, and lift of her chin. Pitch black hair boldly absorbs the light, cresting her shoulders and spilling in gentle waves like the sea before a storm. Amber eyes possess such vibrant intensity as to be regarded as orange or red at a distance, or dangerously bewitching up close. Every melancholic utterance invokes a yearning for exotic locales and a past few ever truly uncover.

{w({nA trio of micro braids plait gracefully through her otherwise free tresses, while dark kohl embellishes her gaze and coral pink stains her lips. Tied neatly at her throat, her hooded fur-trimmed green capelet rests open against her back. A brown sash folds broadly across her empire waist, atop both her sleeveless fur-trimmed green vest and white-sleeved green dress. Brown boots peek from the ankle-length hem, somewhat wet and muddy from travel. Lastly, exotically scented perfumes waft from her person, of herbs and spices very few Arvani might recognize.{w){n


A free-spirited and passionate individual, Amelia can just as easily be seen in the setting of a Velenosan banquet as a Lower Boroughs tavern. Those that know her better might spot a certain cold calculation behind her amber eyes, and learn she can occasionally act ruthlessly towards those beneath her command. Ultimately, she thrives in a leadership role, and lives to achieve her ambitions.


The Fleet Commander of the Eventide Collective appeared in the public eye only a few short years ago, not long after the marriage between King Alaric and Lady Symonesse of the Nox'alfar. Known as one of the few capable enough to brave the Darkwater Deeps bordering Arvum and Eurus, Amelia Eventide capitalized on her talents to grow from a few simple merchant ships to a considerable armada. Now, her organization handles the lion's share of imports and exports between the two regions. Rumors abound of her origins, from an enterprising urchin in the Lower Boroughs to an Abandoned that has since split off from her tribe. Some assert she must be a forgotten bastard daughter to some Thraxian Lord - where else would she have received her education? - while others murmur of even stranger roots.