Amalthea Crown

Amalthea Crown
Social Rank 8
Fealty Crownsworn
Gender Female
Age 18
Religion None
Vocation Apothecary
Height 5'1
Hair Color Platinum Blonde
Eye Color Azure
Skintone Ghostly Pale, Freckled
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Her complexion is entirely fair, the white of an albino's skin almost a stark pale resembling snow, while her nose and lips shine a faint passionate crimson. Just like her skin, her hair appears to lack color almost being silvered from the dull blonde it was. Despite her pale skin, her lithe body is balanced and sturdy, heavy but thin.


What little is known about this star-stricken teenager doesn't quite explain who she truly is, often avoiding crowds or commune. She is introverted, to say the least, quiet and dedicated entirely to the unbiased truth. Corruption shows no wear on her, neither does criminal activity being too anxious of consequence for danger. In short, she's shy but there's a certain silence beneath the murkiness of her shadowy oceanic eyes. Her voice is always soft spoken, a sheepish tone and slight stutter whenever a person gets too close or asks too much.


Amalthea is a paranoid woman of the woods from a remote farm whose production is lead by crops and horses that were broken by her. She is a survivalist whose skills revolve around her knowledge of the harvest and hunt. No last name meant no family, she doesn't remember any either.