Althea Pravus

Althea Pravus
Social Rank 4
Fealty Velenosa
House Pravus
Gender Female
Age 27
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Courtier
Height 5'9"
Hair Color Nearly Black
Eye Color Chestnut Brown
Skintone Gently Tanned
Authored By / Featured In


A cascade of night-dark hair tumbles to this woman's olive-skinned shoulders. When caught under the light, the stygian locks reflect shades of brown that betray her true color. She has a kindly face with big, brown eyes fringed with long lashes, set beneath thin, gently curving brows of the same dark color. A warm rose-red color sits naturally in the apples of her cheeks. Her wide, coral-pink mouth gives easily to smiles that dominate her features, and unifies them in an outpouring of tender affection. Slender shoulders give way to a silhouette of understated contours and long, elegant legs. Thin arms end in petite hands of slim, delicate fingers bereft of anything resembling a callus or blemish.


Kind, gregarious, and remarkably apolitical for a Pravus, Althea has happily taken a backseat to her family's machinations to instead find time for charity and philanthropy. She's the kind of person who rereads the same sappy love stories and never tires of them because they never lose their hold on her.


Althea was born to House Pravus and set herself apart for all the wrong reasons. In her youth she took more interest in helping her siblings, cousins, and other family members in their studies. She was punished for her lack of killer instinct and her drive for cooperation over competition, but it did little to curb her "unnatural" impulses. Those most generous to her were certain that she would grow out of it once puberty hit. They swore that there had been Pravus before who came to their senses as a coming-of-age rite: Some psychic wound or personal loss would harden her heart to the world.

Puberty came and went, and the weight of family ambition did little to crumple the butterflies and daisies flitting in her heart. If anything, it seems to have reinforced them. Althea became the black sheep of the family, but she was still *family*. Instead of puzzling out how to change her, they instead decided to use her love of charity and helping others to their own less-than-innocent goals, and innocent Althea goes along with it none-the-wiser, ever trusting in her darling family.