Alise Farshaw

Alise Farshaw
Social Rank 4
Fealty Valardin
House Farshaw
Gender Female
Age 19
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Noble
Height 5'1
Hair Color Carmel, Wheat, And Honey
Eye Color Cerulean
Skintone Fair
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Alise is a short young Lady, and has long blonde hair. Exposure to the sun has helped bleach carmel colored hair to honey and amber hues as well. She has a mischief filled smile and bright cerulean eyes. Her limbs are corded with lean toned muscle and she is just soft enough to help round out feminine curves.

{w({nHer hair is done up in a messy bun.{w){n


A descendant of the youngest sibling in the family which was to hold Westrock Reach, Alise was given a lofty name, modeled on that of Alarice, but instead has grown up only distant cousins from those in the line of succession. This has given her a bit of prickliness about her heritage, making her proud but simultaneously uncertain of her own worth in some lights. She holds a grudge, and polishes it like some might steel. She is quick to laugh and cry, her emotions worn on her sleeve. With minor slights, she can be incredibly forgiving, but anything that reflects poorly on her personal sense of honor is unforgivable. She has a good sense of humor, but dislikes "mean" jokes. She is devoutly faithful, and has a tendency toward charity, when it doesn't infringe on trade.


Alise is the youngest of three daughters, one of which has married into the Thrax fealty and another into the Grayson fealty. Her mother was a Lycene Lady, and as such, she was sent to foster in the Lyceum when younger. She was to marry a Fidante, when she was sixteen, a contract involving a route to trade roses and pomegranates in the offing but since the recent skirmishes between the Lyceum and the Oathlands sprung up, the contract has been annulled before they were properly wed, and she caught the first ship to Arx to get out of the islands before things could escalate.

She cannot help but think of those years as the best of her life, but cannot even bring herself to take pride in that side of her heritage of late, and wants even less to be married into a future there. She has opted to keep some of the fashion, but has a deep seated loathing for the /expected/ treachery of the politics, viewing it as dishonorable and beneath anyone aiming to call themselves noble.

This is something of an irony as she has the unfortunate reputation of haggling like a fishmonger. This is actually rooted in her refusal to make it look like she is not involved in anything she is involved in. In fact, she has a tendency to both macromanage and micromanage coin around her, and feels that using a go between to make it look like she doesn't is just dishonest.