Alarissa Thrax/Reflection

Name Support Favour
Thrond 1 1
Daemon 1 1
Calypso 0 1
Talen 1 1
Sparte 2 2
Rook 1 1
Alaric 0 1
Laric 1 2
Edain 2 1
Reese 12 3
Malesh 4 2
Reigna 5 3
Leona 2 1
Tomwell 2 1
Fortunato 3 1

God, so many I forget. If you remember, let me know.

Due to staff request of not spreading the language like wildfire, I only take at most, 2 students IC at a time for the Marin'Alfar language. It take two months of at least at least 1 quick scene per week, and then I will drop the code on you. Priority is given to diplomats who will be dealing with the Marin'Alfar, vs the normal language lover. There is no written primer IC, it is oral only. The teaching list is below. You want in, send Alarissa a messenger, it should be considered common knowledge to the peers of the realm who were at the assembly, that she knows how to speak it.

Rook Skye Fortunato