Abby Laurent

Abby Laurent
Social Rank 7
Fealty Crownsworn
House Laurent
Gender Female
Age 23
Religion Pantheon (Death)
Vocation Priest
Height 5'3
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Brown
Skintone Light
Parents Timothy Laurent
Siblings Eiran Laurent, Klaus Thrax
Uncles/Aunts Edmund Laurent, Kedehern Fortier, Marcus Laurent, Sondra Laurent, Shae Fortier, Ilene Laurent
Cousins Leo Fidante, Calista Fidante, Cristoph Laurent, Jael Laurent, Cassandra Laurent, Naka Laurent, Gwenna Redrain, Artur Redrain, Aeryn Laurent, Colette Laurent, Keirlys Fortier, Kristoph Fortier, Bellamy Redrain
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Being of a slim build, Abby carries herself with the grace of her noble upbringing. Bright brown eyes are often relaxed, combined with a cheerful smile that marks her youthful features. Her brunette locks hang just down to her shoulders and are often parted to her right side. She favors the casual dress over anything that might compare to the excess of the peerage or the riches of the Church. Her voice carries softly, with hints of an Oathlander accent shining through each word.


Exhuberant without being overbearing and at times imaginative to a fault. Abby surrounds herself with a surprising amount of energy and light for someone who worships a Goddess of death. Rarely is she without a smile or a curiosity to her gaze, which paired well with her attentive mind. She is empathetic and open, always one to lend an ear to troubles or a soft voice toward comfort. It serves her exceptionally well in her practices with funerary rites and working alongside the mourning.


Born into the ducal line of House Laurent, Abby had been pegged as something of an 'odd duck' from her early childhood. With so many siblings ahead of her, the threat of inheritance was almost moot. Allowing her the luxury of living a comfortable life, albeit an uneventful one. She'd most commonly spent her time around the chapels, becoming a regular thorn in the side of Artshall's clergy. Bombarding them with questions or asking to assist in every little task well into her teenage life. It came as no surprise when she set on the path to be Godsworn the moment she'd come of age.

It'd be a few years before she found a proper discipleship to settle into. With the addition of the Queen of Endings to the Pantheon and the creation of the Harlequins, Abby directed her passion toward reverence of the Goddess of Death. Her attitude made a very stark contrast to her macabre interests. Strangely, the skulls seemed to suit her. Bit more than the bees did, anyway.