Aahana Magnotta

Aahana Magnotta
Social Rank 6
Fealty Velenosa
House Magnotta
Gender Female
Age 19
Religion Pantheon
Vocation Noble
Height 5'4"
Hair Color Wheat Blonde
Eye Color Light Violet Blue
Skintone Light Peach With Soft Freckling
Parents Gavril Volkov, Nataschenka Volkov
Siblings Svoli Volkov, Ruslan Volkov
Uncles/Aunts Odrev Volkov
Cousins Martino Malvici, Dora Malvici, Gregori Volkov, Thea Malvici
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Petite with a lean but toned build not unlike an athlete or warrior that was also blessed with an hourglass build, even possessing a the hints of four pack when her abs are visible and a pair of thick, but toned graceful legs with slender arms. Her movements graceful with the hints of her background in dancing and horseback riding.

Her narrow face dotted with as many freckles as the stars in the sky. A pair dark brows that are manicured rest over eyes like crystal violet blue glass which can be brought out more but her hair like corn-silk descending to her upper back. Below her almost perfect almost rests a pair of full but narrow lips.


Many would expect a prodigal to be a wild, savage thing with little in the way of self possession and persuasiveness. They have not yet met Aahana. In the battlefield of politics, tribal or of The Compact, with calm and steady grace Aahana slaughters weak talking points and irrational emotions in her enemies with a deep well of knowledge that she dispenses with enrapturing words and a charming smile. She pursues what she and her house wants like this, though she is not above being pragmatic and relenting when she sees the need to. She is quite flexible and patient, willing to wait and change her approach to succeed.

But that is business. She is not just a woman of business, but a woman of pleasure, who enjoys with a passion the pleasure of arts, whether creating songs through her voice or enjoying songs with her body. And not only is pleasure found in the the art of the deal or the arts, but also the art of love; she enjoys her flirting just as passionately as she loves the arts.


Aahana is the youngest sibling of Ruslan Volkov which gives her the title of baby sister. Perhaps her being the youngest out of so many is what makes her shy to new people at first, tending to always prefer familiarity to something new or unusual. She has really been like that since she was old enough to crawl. Most consider her shy but in truth she likes to observe before acting upon things.

As she grew up one of only two woman in the family she tended to be fiercely protected by her brothers and elder sister. This just aided in her quiet observing all the time. Even when they would occasionally go into town she was study over the nobles and watch their interactions more than anything else. And as she aged, she would eavesdrop upon lessons in economics and diplomacy. Often she would masquerade as a noble to learn what little etiquette she could before she would be found out and having to vanish.

When Ruslan bent the knee, there was a lot of unrest among the tribe. Some of the family liked it, some didn't. Aahana was more excited than the others in truth though she did her best to hide it. And now that her eldest brother has sworn their family to the fealty of Fidante and in turn Velenosa, she is determined to try and keep her family out of trouble while they all adjust to the new ways of Arx. No more needing to pretend.

During her time within Arx she made many a friend and ally. Then there was Domonico, there was something about him that caused her to become smitten, so smitten she sworn off shamanism and worked diligently to become a token prodigal. Her work paid off as when she married him to become Lady Aahana Malvici, it was deemed true. There the birth of their precious daughter Palania on the tenth of April in 1011.

Then the unthinkable happened when she was travelling to visit her family with the baby. They disppeared just has the massacare of Volkov Woods happened. For those two years, it was though that both were dead. However the unthinkable happened. Aahana and baby Palania returned to arx unsathed and unaged on the sixteenth of March 1014 AR. She is still playing catch up but intends to help the now Count Domonico and the isles of Cyrto Major with all her being.